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5 Reasons to Love Us

Our Environment

We have worked hard to create a beautiful, unpretentious, and comfortable space for you to relax in. Get cozy on our living room couches while you get your manicure, and watch an episode (or two) of your favourite show. Or pull up a chair at the bar with a girlfriend and have a good schmooze.

Get comfortable, hang out. Make yourself at home. We are glad you stopped by.

Our Timing

With all due respect to our spa sisters, and despite the fine services they provide, we simply don’t have time anymore to spend the afternoon in a robe, drinking cucumber water and getting a pedicure in a tranquil spa environment.

That’s why we base our service times and appointments around the schedule of the dashing diva. We will get you in and out and on your way in just 70 minutes for a mani-pedi combo. But PLEASE, don’t feel the need to rush out right after your service. You are welcome to lounge for as long as you like.

Our Cleanliness

The nail industry in Canada is essentially unregulated, leaving the door open for many nail salons to offer their customers service in an unhealthy environment – often using unsanitary tools and implements. Not only can this be an unpleasant experience, it places you, the customer, at risk for any number of diseases and health risks

In addition to wanting to create a comfortable living room experience, the reasons for having couches and stainless steel bowls for pedicures is that massage chairs with attached bowls are extremely unsanitary, and next to impossible to keep clean due to bacteria accumulating in the jets and filtration system.

At Rouge Nail Bar disposable tools are changed for every client such as nail files, buffers, slippers, toe separators, and woodsticks. Moreover, metal implements utilized in all services are hospital grade sterilized and kept in sterilized pouches in between every client.

Our Price

We have intentionally created an entry price point that doesn’t discriminate against any diva. Our goal is to provide you with the luxury you deserve at a price every girl (and guy) can afford.

Although we have a wide range of service prices, our base mani/pedi combo ensures that you will be able to pamper yourself without breaking the bank.

Our Values

We all make sacrifices for beauty – but there is a difference in compromising your feet for a night in a 3 inch heel, and exposing yourself to the dangerous chemicals that are often found in beauty products. We take your well being seriously, as well as our planet’s, and so we only carry products that are as gentle on the environment, and your health, as possible.

Oh, and one more thing.

We don’t do Acrylics!

(Yup, you heard it right.)


Because they simply aren’t good for you.

There is a reason why pregnant women are not recommended to have acrylics, and the staff that apply them wear masks. They are simply not healthy for you (or our staff).

“But, I can’t live with out my acrylics!”

Yes, you can. And we promise, that with regular Rouge manicures, we can make your nails look beautiful. We will work with your natural nails to help make them strong and beautiful – so that you don’t need artificial nails. They destroy your nail beds, making nails thin, brittle and dry. There are also gel and shellac alternatives that we can introduce you to that are far better for you (and our staff)

“What is Shellac and Essie Gel?”

They are products that are “3 free” which means they do not contain formaldehyde, tuolene, DBP. They are safe for pregnant women to use. More importantly we don’t thin the nail out to apply it so that means no damage to your natural nail, it is applied just like a regular polish and we guaranteed a 2 week wear. Moreover there is no dry time, and wide variety of colors. They boast a quick and easy removal process that does not damage the nail.