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About the Founder

Dubbed Vancouver’s “PR queen” by the Globe and Mail, Rory Richards has run a successful PR & Events firm in BC for many years and is a dynamic force in Canada’s PR and entertainment scene.

But a trip to Montreal in 2008 to see Leonard Cohen perform changed everything. Not only could she not find a place to ‘properly’ get her nails done, she fell in love with Montreal.

“The Homage to Leonard Cohen at the Jazz Fest was what really sealed the deal. 100,000 people out to celebrate an icon, his lyrics rolling up the sides of buildings, a lone trumpet player on roof top, people dancing in the streets. I had never seen anything like it. I thought, I know I don’t speak French (at all!) but -these are my people!”

The thought of moving to Montreal (where she knew no one) to start a nail bar still seemed…totally crazy. But, she rationalized; it could be start of a great adventure. And indeed it is…

It is a pleasure to meet you.