Bat Those Lashes…

A perfect service to have while your polish is drying. Just lay back relax… and a short while later you will have a set of lashes that will mesmerize. However, this eye opening new service does require an appointment. Call our St-Denis and Dix30 Locations, location today to book your lashes. (514) 840-3003 (St-Denis) or (450) 445-5885 (Dix30).

Classic Full Set – $ 100

Classic lash extensions are lash extensions glues individually to your natural lashes. By keeping a 1:1 ration, it keeps the natural look to the eyes while still being able to play with the length and thickness of the lash extensions.

Refill $ 50

Refills are required every 2-3 weeks to maintain the desired effect. Time frame will vary from person to person.

Refills can only be done on clients who previously got their full set done at our salons.

Eyelash Extension Removal – $ 23

Properly removing eyelash extensions that were either done at our salons or others.

Eyelash Lift + Tinting and Eyebrow Tinting

Eyelash Lift – $88
Eyelash Tinting – $33
Eyelash Lift&Tinting Combo – $105 ($85 for first time clients)
Eyebrow Tinting – $ 30
Eyebrow Threading & Tinting combo – $40

Demonstraion Video

Eyelash extensions application: a short introduction from Xtreme Lashes. Single strands of synthetic lashes are applied one by one to your natural lashes for longer, thicker, fuller lashes.